Welcome to the Conditions Scorecard!


The scorecard is divided into four categories, which you can see on the left. Each of the categories has components, which are characteristics or conditions that can affect the performance of the fishery, or characteristics which can have a significant impact on the ability of EDF to implement a project successfully. Components can generally be changed or impacted by a project to improve their condition. Each component includes a description, a list of indicators, and guidelines on how to score.


Each component provides tools and resources that can be used to collect the information necessary to determine the score. There are multiple options available to gather information, ranging from tools with high data requirements to local ecological knowledge collected via conversations with community members. Thus, the scorecard can be filled out by experts and non-experts alike. If relying on expert opinion, it is recommended to talk to multiple experts in order to avoid biases and/or limited knowledge in one of the categorical areas. 


To get started, download the scorecard and proceed to the first category. Follow the scoring guidelines to determine which color (red, yellow, green) each component should be scored, and rate the level of certainty for each.