If you are already familiar with the toolkit, proceed to your current Project Phase using the main menu.

If you're new to the toolkit, or using it for the first time with a new project, please select your project phase using the questions below.

What country or region(s) should I work in?

What contextual information do I need to know to work effectively in this country? How should I design my project and/or country-level strategy?

How do I select sites and/or fisheries to work in?

How do I understand the site/fishery to prepare for design? What information do I need to gather to inform my implementation strategy?

How do I design and implement a sustainable fishery management solution?

How do I assess performance of the management system and the fishery, in order to provide feedback for adaptive management?

When do we “declare victory”? How do we set ourselves up to be able to exit a site? How do you know when you’re done with a country?

These phases also roughly correspond to the Catch Share Process Map below, which shows some typical activities that occur in each phase of catch share program implementation. Use this process map if you need additional guidance to determine which ARC phases contain the resources you need.

Corresponds to:

Strategic Scoping 

Site Selection

Corresponds to:


Corresponds to:


Corresponds to:


Passing the Torch